Dinesh Bafna from Cleveland: An ethical entrepreneur and a calculated risk-taker

dinesh bafna from cleveland

The owner and president of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite is a man who has proven to be professional par excellence and an entrepreneur who has an array of customers and clients who trust him with their needs. Being a knowledgeable businessman who has always operated within defined business guidelines, Bafna has taken his business to utmost heights with his hard work and smart work.

He brings with him almost three-decade of experience as a professional and is now a renowned name in the fine surface material industry. He is a great communicator and has built valuable business relations with his clients and customers who have contributed to the growth of his business. He meets his clients’ requirements to satisfaction and always keeping them top-of-mind. With his communication skills, he has established good business prospects with influential people who help him enhance business opportunities.

Additionally, Bafna from Cleveland is a mentor who leads his staff by example and attends trainings and workshops to keep himself up to date with the latest in the industry in terms of technological advancements. He then imparts the knowledge to his team to help them perform better in the projects he obtains, as well as help them develop their overall self.

He is known to take calculated risks to achieve successful projects, however, never has Bafna been involved in frauds or business malpractices to get what he desired. He has always operated with ethics and is a man of morals. Since he prefers keeping his clients’ needs first and foremost, he has never received any complaints about his deliverables. The fine surface materials he delivers are of high quality and thus he is recognized as Midwest’s premier wholesale supplier of fine surface materials for commercial and residential projects.

He recently collaborated with Susie Frazier, and they together plan to combine Mont’s expertise in stylized, trendy and fine surface materials along with Susie’s talent and design-centered connection to nature so as to empower consumers to identify their individuality and redefine the spaces in which they live.

As far as his personal details are concerned, Dinesh Bafna Cleveland was born on August 24, 1964.  He graduated from Bowling State University and is married to Sangita Bafna. He has two sons, named Kunaal and Kurren. One trait of his that is not known by many is his belief in serving the community from which he has benefitted by contributing to several non-profit organizations.

Full story: http://dineshbafna.com/dinesh-bafnas-reviews-state-that-he-is-man-of-morals-integrity/

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