Goal-oriented professional: Dinesh Bafna, President & Owner of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite Inc.


dinesh bafna cleveland ohio

Dinesh Bafna, President & Owner of Mont Granite, is a well-known face in the industry and is running many successful businesses. Dinesh Bafna has leadership skills and he knows exactly what is required to run a successful business. He believes in motivating teams to perform well and meet the company’s overall objective. He has also worked on training programs to improve leadership skills to lead strategy, lead teams of people, lead change management programs.

Born on August 24, 1964, he is married to Sangita Bafna and is blessed with two sons, Kunaal & Kurren Bafna. He has graduated in Arts from Bowling Green State University.  In India, he has supported many organizations such as Sumerpur Schools & Hospital, Sadri Samai & Arihant Hospital


He has collaborated with non-profit organizations such as:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • American Red Cross
  • North Coast Community Homes
  • Breakthrough Charter Schools
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • The Playhouse Square Foundation

Dinesh Bafna President of Mont. Granite has learned to survive in the business world, and how to build a successful business, by developing problem resolution skills.  He has built a closely-knit circle of clients and has a positive impression on clients. Dinesh is highly optimistic and empathetic towards clients. He has successfully grown relationships, connections and gained exposure to like-minded a professional which has led to successes. Dinesh Bafna, President of Mont Granite knows how to utilize opportunities and develop connections with experienced people in their field, investors, or advisors through strong networking skills.

He has many corporations including:    

  • Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc.
  • Global Stone Resources
  • Mont Granite Real Properties, LLC
  • Sang Holding, LLC
  • KunKur, LLC
  • Rhombus Shipping

About Mont Granite:

Mont Granite is the largest suppliers of fine surfaces for residential & commercial applications. It has more than 400 unique varieties of natural stone.

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