Dinesh Bafna – Highly Regarded Professional

Dinesh Bafna – the founder and president of Mont Surfaces has lived up to Robert Frost’s quote from ‘The Road Less Traveled’ to the fullest. The quote says, “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” So did Dinesh Bafna. Having started his business in a small warehouse in 1989, he expanded it to eight divisions across the Midwest in three decades and became a recognized and trusted name in the fine surface material industry – Bafna has done it all with his hard work and dedication.

A man of ethics, Bafna operates with high values and is not afraid to walk an extra mile to meet the needs and demands of his customers. For the Mont President, Dinesh Bafna, customer satisfaction comes first and foremost.

Moreover, he holds finesse in business communication which has helped him form an array of reputed and top-notch clients, advisors and investors. These people trust him and fully support his business. Not just this, Dinesh Bafna Cleveland has built good working relationships with suppliers and consumers too.

His mentorship skills are no less. Dinesh Bafna is a great mentor and believes in leading by example. Also, he is known to contribute to the wholesome development of his staff by imparting them the learnings he gained by attending workshops and seminars. Due to his unquenched thirst for knowledge, he is always on a learning spree and regularly becomes a part of seminars on technological advancements in the fine surface material field
With regards to his staff, he is a leader and operates internal systems and processes with utmost efficacy. These cordial business relations with customers and staff transpire into success.

To talk about Dinesh Bafna’s background – he graduated from Bowling Green State University went on to marry Sangita Bafna. Additionally, Bafna gives back to his communities through involvement with several non-profit organizations.

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