Positive Reviews for Excellent Business Skills Describes Dinesh Bafna


Three decades ago, Dinesh Bafna opened Mont Surfaces in a small warehouse. In 1989, after graduating from Bowling Green State University, Bafna went on to conquer the fine surface material industry. His level of achievement can be identified from the expansion of his business to eight divisions across Midwest.

To add more details about Dinesh Bafna’s background, he married Sangita Bafna and has two sons with her. However, there’s one trait of which many are not aware and that is his belief of serving the community from which he earns. For this, he has associated himself to various non-profit organizations such as, American Red Cross, North Coast Community Homes, Breakthrough Charter Schools, Youth Opportunities Unlimited and The Playhouse Square Foundation and works towards the betterment of the society through them.

Dinesh Bafna has become a renowned name in the industry and is recognized for the skills of the trade that he holds and hones. Additionally, he is always learning and takes regular trainings and workshops to stay up to date with latest in the field of technology. Having updated himself, he further imparts skills to his staff to groom them. Thus, one would only hear positive reviews about the man with utmost finesse.

What adds to his praises is his belief in operating ethically and morally. Dinesh Bafna Cleveland never indulges in frauds or fraudulent activities to complete any project. Also, he is not afraid to walk the extra mile to meet the needs of his customers. He meets the deliverables of his customers without compromising on efficiency. He has accomplished assigned projects even under pressing situations. To his peers, working with a professional like Dinesh Bafna offers a chance to expand and grow.

What sets him apart are his excellent communication skills. These skills have helped him build valuable business relationships with peers, investors, clients and customers. The successful relationships he has had with advisors and investors have helped him grow his business and complete projects of great magnitude.

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