Cleveland’s Dinesh Bafna works ethically & has zero complaints on his name

Dinesh Bafna, a respected name in the business of fine surface materials, has been in the industry for over 30 years. He works out of Cleveland, Ohio.

dinesh bafna cleveland1

Being the founder and President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc., Dinesh has found success due to his diligent work and his promise to serving quality materials. He began his business in a small warehouse in 1989 and has now extended his business to more than eight divisions throughout the Midwest.

Bafna is a businessperson second to none and takes on every day with incredible eagerness. With his experience comes a solid feeling of responsibility, customer service, and ethical business practices. He is an extraordinary communicator who keeps the service to his customers and clients top of mind.

Dinesh Bafna puts stock in keeping refreshed on the most recent innovative progressions and methodologies and is continually learning. He regularly attends trainings and workshops which have been beneficial. He is so business-centered that Bafna has reinvested into the systems to guarantee that the business is run effectively.

He is a pioneer and a mentor to his staff. Dinesh Bafna guides his staff well, and they, in turn, make a positive and enduring impact on their clients. This converts into advantageous connections which are highly esteemed by him. Bafna holds emphatically to the belief system of worthwhile connections and has created a system of customers and referrals who trust him.

Dinesh Bafna is a moral businessperson who conveys an unmistakable vision and mission and a solid feeling of trustworthiness. His method for working the interior frameworks, procedures, and systems mirror that vision.

Dinesh Bafna is an alum of Bowling State University. He is married to Sangita Bafna. They have two sons.


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